Innovation for Sustainable Production - Bruges 18-21 April 2010

3. Sustainable Energy - Guy Vekemans

General Introduction

"Energy, the new connection between people, money and technology"

Since ages it is well know that energy drives people in many different ways.
Now we are entering an age where energy can be more than a driver. It can become an essential connection in a new society, linking people, money and sustainable technology. A sustainable and smart energy society is within our reach. This of course requires integration of mobility and housing, interaction of actors and efficient communication. How can this be achieved?

This session focuses on business cases, technological solutions and new energy actors or new activities of energy actors in the market. Most of these items are related with what is often called “smart grids”. In this field more and more results become available from field trials or pilot projects. These results will be highlighted in this session.

Keynote lecture:
"Third Industrial revolution & Energy (US + international context)"
Guido Bartels (General Manager Global Energy & Utilities IBM)

Theme 1: Energy connects people

Through new ICT perspectives intelligent energy communities become a link for people consuming and producing energy together.
This topic addresses the light house projects with integrated energy design, it brings forward examples of sustainable industrial and residential energy planning while maximizing local renewable energy sources and optimizing energy demand and supply. Also the role of energy integration in closed loop production chains comes in the picture.


  • What is the future role of distribution grid operators?
  • What new services are energy suppliers offering to make the end-users more ‘active’?
  • What new actors are emerging on the energy market?
  • What is the role that regulators need to play in the context of promoting a future smart energy supply and demand?
  • A new value chain in the energy market : what are the interactions between the actors?

Invited lecture:
"The role of different actors in the German E-energy programme on smart grids"
Günter Seher (Programme Manager E-Energy, Project Management Agency,- German Aerospace Centre)

Theme 2: Energy connects money

The energy market is evolving towards new trading opportunities, how can energy end-users benefit from these market opportunities in a new role as PROSUMERS? What is the legal framework needed to stimulate this transition? What are the opportunities and risks for the stakeholders?

Invited lecture:
The role of smart grids in creating new trading opportunities
John Scott (UK), Director - Network Innovation, KEMA


  • What are the business opportunities for micro-cogeneration, plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles, active demand side response, virtual power plants,…
  • What are the necessary changes to the current energy market regulation in order to stimulate smart grids?
  • What is likely cost of the transition towards a smart energy grid
Theme 3: Energy connects technology

New energy systems connect mobility and buildings, storage supply and appliances. What are the new energy system combinations for the future, how will the combination between mobility and buildings be achieved, what will be the role of plug-in hybrids?

Invited lecture:
"Smart energy systems integrating demand and supply technologies"
Guenter Eckardt (D), Vice president for Smart Grids, Siemens AG


  • New technological concepts or trials on plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles
  • Control strategies for energy storage (both electrical and thermal)
  • Innovative ICT architectures and concepts for smart grids

Scientific Advisory Board


Members of the Advisory Board

Theme 1: Energy connects people


  • Gerrit Jan Schaeffer, VITO, Belgium
  • Frits van Oostvoorn, ECN, Netherlands
  • Hans Akkermans, Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


Theme 2: Energy connects money


  • Tomas Gomez, Comillas University, Spain
  • Guy Vekemans, VITO, Belgium
  • Geert Verbong, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands


Theme 3: Energy connects technology



  • Nouredine Hadjsaid, IDEA and Grenoble Institute of Technology
  • Wil Kling, TU Delft, Netherlands
  • Ronnie Belmans, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Eefje Peeters, VITO, Belgium
  • Joao A. Pecas Lopes, INESC Porto, Portugal




In association with:

SmartGrids: European Technology Platform
SmartGrids: European Technology Platform

ECN: Energy research Centre of the Netherlands
ECN: Energy research Centre of the Netherlands